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Dr Mirjam Escorche: Event Coordinator

Dr. Mirjam Escorche

Dr. E.Mirjam has over 20 years of experience as a General Dentist. Her interest in Biology, her love to create things with her hands and the desire to help people all lead her to a career in Dentistry.

She attended the Central University of Venezuela where she received her Degree of Dental Surgery. Following her dental School Education she opened her own private practice.

Throughout her career she also worked in a Children ‘s Hospital, Spain’s Foreign Association and Private School where she provide Dental treatments in addition to promoting the prevention and early diagnosis.

Years later she moved to Florida US. She is registered as an RDH in Florida, USA. She has work experience in Venezuela, United `States and also the UAE where she has been practicing since 2012.

Dr.E. Mirjam has completed many hours of Continuing Education in all areas of Dentistry. She keeps up to date with the latest technologies and enjoy the great variety of challenges a broad bases of general practice provider.

“I’m a firm believer in using Continuing Education, complemented with clinical experiences staying on top of new material and techniques in the rapidly evolving dental field are the key to offer patients quality dental services. I like to be involved and active in all dental advances, because the smile, health and satisfaction of my patients are my motivation factor”.

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