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Dr Sarah Al-Saffar, GP dentist, BDS (UK)

Dr Sarah Al-Saffar

I have completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Degree from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom in 2006. Since then I have been working in the UK as a GP dentist.

I find dentistry a very rewarding career and I love treating patients and achieving high clinical results. I have a wide experience in all fields of general dentistry involving basic fillings, oral surgery, crown and bridge work.

I also have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry including veneers and dental whitening.

I enjoy treating all variety of age groups with different backgrounds treating both adults and children. I believe dental prevention and oral education are the key to a healthy smile. I particularly enjoy treating children and provide the essential prevention measures to avoid the development and progression of dental caries.

I have moved to Dubai recently after living in the UK for more than 17 years and I am excited to be part of the German dental Oasis team in Dubai Health Care City. I have a very friendly approach with my patients and I am fluent in both English and Arabic

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